About OishiiEats.vn

OishiiEats.vn was created in 2019 with the goal of being a fully open online food delivery platform. The aim is to give restaurants more control over their food deliveries across Vietnam.

OishiiEats.vn Platform

OishiiEats.vn is providing the GloriaFood food ordering system as a partner in Vietnam. The platform is fully open meaning participating restaurants have full access to their account.

Our goal is to help restaurants avoid the middle man. We provide the platform, restaurants handle all deliveries.

All food and financial transactions are handled by the restaurants. OishiiEats.vn is just a platform.

OishiiEats.vn food delivery in Vietnam

Below are some of the features the OishiiEats.vn platform provides to customers:

  1. Ordering - Customers can order food for pickup or delivery.
  2. Multiple Restaurants - Customers can order from different participating restaurants with same account.
  3. Responsive - Customers can use our platform on desktop or any mobile devices.
  4. Location - Customers can mark their location on a map to help our drivers find their location faster.

Feedback about the system should be sent to info@oishiieats.vn. Feedback for online deliveries should be referred to the restaurant contact provided on the app and email order confirmations.

OishiiEats.vn online food delivery platform in Vietnam